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My Son's first dovetail joint

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I was down in the shop earlier rehabbing a saw. My son was over at the bench just cutting away on a wood(I just finished up his new saw). He said daddy come here I’m having a problem. I walked over and noticed he was cutting triangles out in the top of the board. I asked him so what’s the problem bud he said these don’t look like the once you cut. So the warming of the heart stopped me on what I was doing to teach him how daddy does it. We didn’t use any chisels(he isn’t old enough yet for that sharp of a tool yet) just his saw and a old coping saw I have. Figured I would share this to remind everyone to get a kid in the shop no matter how young they pick up on stuff even when your not looking. He just turned 7 by the way

Follow Up Posts:

1)  If I was able to go back and look through the ashes, those might be better than my first attempt.

2)  Mine to

3) Looks like he is off to a great start and the fact that he started on his own. before asking for help shows he has the aptitude.

4) Boy amazes me at the way he comes up with ways to figure how to do things an fix them

5)   That's awesome! Goes to show that kids pay attention to what their parents are doing!

Get him an account here and ask him to teach us how he cut such fine DTs!

6)  That is super cool!

7)  That is awesome! Far better than I could do!




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