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My new mitre saw station


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My newest toy it is a Stanley 246 mitre box saw. Hard to date these I’m think 30’s to 40’s. It was I fairly decent shape when I got it. Dropped it piece by piece in vinegar an salt bath an stripped all the old paint an cleaned up the rust. Couple coats of automotive enamel paint. Assemble an oil an grease all the moving parts. Wow did I not realize how parts these thing had lots of set screws an springs. It’s a 26” saw at 11ppi filed at 25 degrees of fleam for a super smooth cut off the saw. I enjoy restoring old tool a lot. One of the cool things I learned about this saw you will see in the last photo. The large numbers on the top of the base was put there back when most carpenter didn’t have much over a 6th grade education. So they wouldn’t have learned any geometry. The numbers are for how many corners the box would have. 4 corners is 45 degrees 8 corners 22 1/2 degrees an so on. So I normally keep a eBay find off in a corner when I’m just goofing off waiting on a woodworking project  A4DD54C9-10C5-4B39-B118-A73E39AA9525.thumb.jpeg.eccc7055bdd06f4f361791a2a0469c5f.jpeg1344B8F3-8AD9-405D-8C77-39D97D3B38E3.thumb.jpeg.b567c4d8503e3d654e6dd1ae5b160390.jpegB2F4BA1E-17B4-4FF3-9BDC-23D70DAC1CEA.thumb.jpeg.4f8924273add9ce0a6462b48ba62a7dc.jpegA8923D32-ABEA-4DC5-8FF0-B4DB99476DAA.thumb.jpeg.173732cf3686a115d72e491d379631a1.jpeg


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Chet I bought it more on a cool factor an always wanted one. Now will I use for every cut hell no. I set it up for trim cuts an like picture frame mitres. I can see myself moving up to buy vintage power tools an restoring them. Going to have to get a bigger shop first tho

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