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Two Boxes


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I made this Sepele box because I wanted to try some different ideas.  The top is shaped with a spoke shave, the indent in the lid was done with a core box bit and the the joint for the dividers in the box was done with a vee groove bit.  I had seem Matt Kenney do this and thought it looked a little more elegant then a regular dado and the angles match the angles of the mitered corners.  The lid handles are Wenge.  The finish is one coat of blonde de-waxed shellac and a top coat of EnduroVar.









Close up of the eve groove.



This second box is from a class I took through the Austin School of Furniture Design taught by Matt Kenny.   I took the class after I built the Sepele box above.  I wanted to take the class for two reasons.  First he was teaching how to get the grain to match or follow around all four corners of the box and also I just wanted to pick up on some good tips and techniques for building things of smaller size.  The box is Cherry with a Bird's Eye Maple lid and was finished with the same schedule as the other box.










Comments and helpful criticism more then welcome.


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“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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2 hours ago, Kev said:

Both are great @Chet!

If I were to offer "constructive criticism", I would say the handles on the first box are just a smidge wide taking away from the delicate look.  But, that's just an opinion as we all see things differently.

Great work!

Yea, I didn't like the end result at all.  After The glue had dried, I was thinking that something cylindrical maybe a 1/4 inch in diameter in the center the indentation and just barely above the surface of the lid.

29 minutes ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

Chet, fantastic job!  Both boxes are great!  If I was going to suggest something, the handle on the second box could use more depth.  What I mean is thinner on the ends so there is space between the lid, only connection point in the center,, but not like a dowel.  Hope that makes sense.

I do like your idea Bryan.   I wasn't going to do this but I decided to stay close to the design of the box that was done in class.  I don't like a lot of the handles he does on his boxes, they are too dainty for my taste.  My mitts are to big to grab these as they are and the ones on the plans are shorter and narrower.   But know I know.

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“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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