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Original Post:

So I'm curious ... He mentions he uses this on his equipment and all sorts of stuff in his shop ...

I'm curious how mineral does on cast iron?
It seems really easy and cheap to make if it is quality stuff


Follow Up Posts:

1) I would be curious to how it actually protects metal surfaces. He really put a lot on the plane. Does this mixture leave residue on the wood? I also think it would be better making in really small batches.

2) In the video he says a lit bit goes a long way, also if the mineral oil goes rancid, why even risk wasting. 

3) So did some looking around ... Could not find anything to say mineral oil would go rancid ... Basically everyone seemed to be saying the same thing which was ...

Mineral Oil is a non-drying oil, which means that it will not polymerize (form a plastic-like substance) over time. This is good for oiling cutting boards because it will stay a bit liquid in the wood and flow into cracks and scratches. It is also food-safe and won't go rancid or support microorganisms.

So yes if a little goes a long way no need to make a ton like he does but if it never goes rancid, I guess it wouldn't be a bad thing. I'm still curious if it would leave any residue on woods that are used on the cast iron soon after application


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