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I know none of you much on old hand plane but I figured I’d offer these up here to. 

stanley #7 type 7 with S casting good user plane. This is my back up #7 works great just couldn’t get use to the adjuster being backward threads than what most are use to. No cracks or chips in body or handles $125 plus shipping815CA8A4-7956-4808-98BA-DDBCC466F976.thumb.jpeg.a5a793a9576f903a716f351133419065.jpegF6AB6BD8-A394-4120-A82A-0504D1B93EDB.thumb.jpeg.e53dba24311c298f20ccf41d8a2f7cca.jpeg063CA506-6A00-4884-9907-181843249121.thumb.jpeg.bb601fc9086b752eba4e4d743bef7a28.jpeg


stanley 110 block plane  in great shape $40 plus shipping


wooden coffin plane $40 plus shipping



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12 hours ago, Coop said:

Why the name coffin plane. Any idea? 

The shape of the body of the plane looking down at it looks like an old coffin shape

12 hours ago, Jamie said:

Do they come with a manual? ?


Sure does time an effort?


12 hours ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

After using to flatten a large table it is the place you feel like going. :classic_biggrin:

If that’s what I had to flatten a tabletop with I’d quit. Now it’s a smoother so that would be so bad. 

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