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Kia Ora <-- Not a Kiwi Fruit

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Kia Ora (in New Zealand) a greeting wishing good health.

Ermmmmm this is my first post on this website. Since Covid-19 started I have been very busy doing nothing. But since NZ has beaten the virus into submission I'm still doing a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot less than I was before.

Oh sure we get the odd new case every now and then, but these cases aren't picked up here they just end up here when they hop off the plane and get tested in quarantine. Then the people complain that they are being forced to spend two weeks in a hotel room with very little to do while they ride out their time. They are forgetting that they are staying in 5 star accommodation while the government is paying their hotel and food bill. They just need to shut the hell up, stop being so damn selfish, and think of the privilege of being allowed back home to a virus free country. 

I managed to endure the month and half of isolation stuck at home, just me the cat and 7.413 acres of maintenance and hard work. I did some building till I ran out of materials [which blowed]. Cleaned out my garage, which is cool because I can now walk around in it without tripping over stuff in the dark. Might even have some room now to use the wood lath or build that cedar strip canoe I have been threatening to build for the last 20 years.

Cleaned out the workshop a wee bit, cleaned up the trailer park, weeded the sand and finished putting the wooden edge around it.

Built another shelf in the shade house so we can fit in another couple hundred propagated plants. Re did the irrigation in the roof, put in some extra taps to isolate certain sections from the whole. Weeded the floor and sorted a whole bunch of pots etc...and so on and so forth.

Pruned the oak tree so that trucks coming in can now get in, which in turn will stop the drivers complaining that the branches will scratch the paint on their cabs.

Had a couple of HUGE bonfires, burning [believe it or not]  wood.

Moved a couple pallets of bricks, did some digging, moved some sand around.

Did a couple of food runs for me and my rents. First time i have even been able to walk into a shop with a bandana covering my face. Even did a couple of trips wearing a full face respirator. Which covered my eyes, noise and mouth. Wore safety gloves as well so I didn't touch anything that might have been contaminated. Then once i got home i left all the none perishables out in the sun for the UV to do its job, the other things I washed or sprayed detergent on. 

Bit of a waste of time really since my part of the country never had any cases. But we all went through the motions JUST IN CASE.

I cleaned out my gutters, Washed the truck.

Weeded the drive and spread a but load of GAP 30 on it.

Also did a lot of sleeping, watched a bunch of movies, surfed the net for porn. Did a bunch of exercise, walked a marathon or two.

Fed the chickens.

Pruned the shelter belt and stacked wood.

It was a hard month and a half...I almost got bored a couple of times.



That KIWI Bloke










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