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Rikon 34 260 Mortising Machine Bench Top

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First submitted on the old forum by Kev


Item: Rikon 34 260 Mortising Machine – Benchtop 

Date of purchase (Approximate): November 2019

How long owned: 2 Months

Purchased from: Amazon

Pricing/Value: A little more expensive (~$450.00) than some but, I felt it was a good value

Other brands considered: PM and Grizzly

Shipping/packaging notes: Box arrived with no shipping damage and the machine was packed very well.

Initial Thoughts: Easy to set up with a decent manual. All the pieces were there.

Things I liked:

• Instruction Manual
• Easy bed adjustments on sliding dovetails both side to side and front to back
• Easy to set up stop blocks 
• Chisels were sharp and ready to use out of the box
• Fit and finish 

Things I didn't like:

• Handle needs to be installed backwards from the manual which means the set screw can’t be used to hold it in place. If installed correctly, you can’t lower the chisel low enough to check for square without hitting the side to side adjustment wheel. 
• Chuck cover panels are held in with screws making chisel changes cumbersome.
• No position lock for the handle. This would be handy when trying to square the chisel in place.
• Tool holder was one hole short for all the tools that come with the machine. 
• Depth stop has a little bit of flex. 

Would I buy it again?: Yes

Comments not captured above: I’ve now had the opportunity to use this machine on a couple different projects and have been very happy with the performance of the machine!


“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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