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Submitted on the old Forum by Kev 
Item: Powermatic PM2000B

Date of purchase (Approximate): February 2019

How long owned: 1 Year

Purchased from: ACME Tools

Pricing/Value: $3400.00 – Shipping was included

Other brands considered: SawStop, Grizzly, Felder

Shipping/packaging notes: Saw arrived on time with no noticeable damage to the boxes.

Initial Thoughts: Initial thoughts were very positive. Setup was easy and straight forward. I noticed the first sign of damage when installing the fence and found all 4 corners of the fenceplates were broken. I also noticed that the black extension table was not flat and the motor door didn’t close as it should.

Things I liked: Easy to setup, good manual that’s easy to follow, little to no adjustments needed straight out of the crate. Saw arrived with a pretty good blade that lasted longer than I thought it would.

Things I didn't like: 

Aside from the fence plates arriving broken and the extension table not being flat, I also had the following issues during the first year of the saw:

• Power switch went out twice – The saw would turn off mid cut
• Fence plates were placed on back order for over a month.
• PM replaced the black extension table 3 times and I had to finally flatten it myself.
• Riving knife was extremely difficult to remove
• Motor cover had to be replaced 
• The fence didn’t slide as smoothly as it should for a saw in this price range
• The motor went out at about the 1 year mark and PM ended up replacing the entire saw.
• ACME Tools censored my review of the saw on their website. After complaints and videos about them, the review was finally posted.

Would I buy it again?: NO

Comments not captured above: This saw was nothing but problem after problem for an entire year. Any product in this price range should be receiving a higher level of QC before being shipped to the customer. 

Last Edit: Dec 27, 2019 at 7:22am by Kev

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  John Wooden

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