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Forrest Sharpening Service

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For those that haven't used their service, I highly recommend it!

1 week ago I sent them 2 blades for sharpen with instructions to call me for payment.  I got that call today and the blades will be coming back to me tomorrow.  Super quick turnaround!  Total cost was $65.00 with shipping for the 2 blades that I sent them.

It's also super simple to use!  Just follow the directions on their site.


I'm not sure if they sharpen other manufacturer's blades so, you'd need to inquire about that but, I really like what I'm seeing from their customer service!

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15 minutes ago, Coop said:

How timely as I was about to ask you about this. The Blade I got from you needs it. So you paid the freight there and they ship it back, freight paid? Did you use UPS or USPS? 

They have a flat fee for return shipping and you pay for the shipping to get it to them.  I just shipped cheapest way possible to them.  The fees are on the form that you print and send with your blade at the link above.

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40 minutes ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

Living in the same area, it was nice to be able to drop them off and pick up.  Heck they even sharpened a blade once while I went to lunch (must have been slow that day), but usually was 2-3 days.

I was really impressed with the interaction with them!  No muss no fuss and service with a smile!


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