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Starting a new topic here and will journal as I go..  Obviously, there will be a video as well at the end but, I'm sure we'll have lots of good discussions here along the way..

No domino on this one..  Traditional M&T.   2 tops.  The changing table top will be BB ply wrapped in Walnut.  This top will go away in a few years so, I just couldn't justify doing it in walnut.  I've got some 6/4 walnut coming for the long term top.  Both tops will go with the changing table when we deliver it..

Pretty sure I'll add some gentle curves to the rails as well even though I didn't add them in the drawing.  The drawing is more to keep me on track.

Here we go!


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55 minutes ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

Is the permanent top going on after the changing table is done being used?  If so how are you attaching to the casework?  What are you doing for a finish?  I’m not sure what works well with the potential for accidental 1 & 2 exposure.

Yes, the initial top will simply be scrapped when it's no longer needed as a changing table.  I'll use figure 8s and pre-drill the long term top as well.

As for finish, I'm seriously considering Rubio.  I was really happy with how it came out on the router bit case.  The changing section will have a custom mattress pad with removable plastic covering as well as washable sheets.  I will probably apply a few coats of poly and wax to the ply under this section to ease of clean up for the accidents that will certainly happen.

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Good day in the shop!

I picked up the 1/2" walnut ply that will be the side panels as well as the back and got that broke down!  I was finally able to use the Woodpecker right angle attachment for the track saw and I must say that I'm pretty impressed!


Next, I got all the parts roughed out.  Each side set of rails were side by side in a board so, they were appropriately labeled to match up nicely in the final piece.  Same with the legs.


I used the new Bandsaw to rip this 8/4 material for the legs and couldn't be happier!  Nice bandsaw and a woodslicer blade was an absolute pleasure to use!


And, I got all these parts through their initial milling.  All of these parts are a bit oversized still.  I noticed quite a bit of reactionary wood in the 8/4 so, I want them to sit over night to see what they're going to do before taking them to final size.  I also cut one additional rail so that I could use it for test cuts along the way.  


And, that's a wrap for today!  My goal for tomorrow is to do some filming as well as get the M&Ts cut and ready for a dry fit.  At that point, I'll have to made some design decisions about curves and things..  I have a few things running around in my head but, nothing concrete at this point.

As this piece will be a bit deeper, I also had to order glides.  I have lots of 15" on hand but, this one will use 18" glides.  Additionally, I had to order some 6/4 for the long term top but, I'm certainly a bit away from needing that!

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I'll be honest, I'm a little confused with your question..

The upper and lower side rails will be M&T into the legs.  The legs will be grooved to accept the panel, I don't think I'll be using the vertical stiles.  I might change my mind on this but, for now that's the plan.  Worst case is that I have to mill up 6 more parts for the 3 panels.


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Your original pic shows the end panel to be enclosed by a four sided frame. Most frame and panels that I have seen, have the rails butt into the stiles. Yours have the stiles butt into the rails. Just wondered how you will attach the stiles to the legs. If you are eliminating the stiles, then that answers my question. Should have just waited to see the construction progress! 

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2 minutes ago, Coop said:

Your original pic shows the end panel to be enclosed by a four sided frame. Most frame and panels that I have seen, have the rails butt into the stiles. Yours have the stiles butt into the rails. Just wondered how you will attach the stiles to the legs. If you are eliminating the stiles, then that answers my question. Should have just waited to see the construction progress! 

Yea, I put them in the picture but, I don't think I'm going to use them..  I didn't use them on the dresser in our Master and that worked out pretty well.

If I change my mind then, I'll probably revert to the domino to attach to the legs...lol. Trying to stay away from the domino on this one though..

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Just now, Coop said:

And although I own a Dominio, I and am sure others appreciate you distancing yourself from it on some builds. Back to basics sometimes! 

Yea, I think I have some time on this one..  Not fighting the clock makes it a bit easier!

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And that was a vivid reminder of why I go to the Domino so often..  Took most of the day but, this thing is finally dry fit with traditional M&T joints!

Laying out the mortises..  I didn't grab a pic of cutting them..  All cut with the router, dual edge guide, and 3/8" router bit..


Cutting the tenons at the table saw..


And, the first dry fit after rounding all of the tenons and match fitting each mortise..


Oh..  I rough cut the feet as well..  Just created a template and then roughed them out at the bandsaw..  Nothing is sanded at this point, lots of that in my future!

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23 minutes ago, Woodenskye (Bryan) said:

How come you didn’t use your HCM?  Dry fit looks good!

Because I was shooting video..  Wanted to show how to do it with a router and then round the tenons.  HCM would have been a welcome option today believe me!



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Not sure how much I'm going to get done today..  There's a break in the weather so, I need to take advantage of that to get a few things done..  We ended up with about 4" of snow yesterday and more on the way this week..

If I get anything done, I'll post it..

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Well, I was in the grocery store with my wife when I had an "oh crap" moment because I was thinking about this project..  

When I cut the side rails yesterday, I knew I was using 18" glides but forgot to account for the drawer material and false front..  Yea, this thing was too narrow..  Needless to say, when I got home a quick measurement confirmed my error and left me 2 options.

  1. Use 15" glides which I have on hand and would have been less work
  2. Remake the rails and my walnut stock is running a bit thin right now

Well, I decided to remake the parts because I really wanted the deeper drawers.  I had some left over 8/4 from the legs and resawed some of that to create book matched upper and lower rails for each side.  I was able to remake these parts considerable faster because I wasn't filming it..  I might bring it up on film but, the viewer will never notice the change..  Ultimately, I added 2" to the rails which is more than I needed but, leaves me some wiggle room if I need it..

I will say the new bandsaw was a dream to resaw on!  Yes, this was the first time resawing on it.

Anyway, here's a pic after the new parts are in and the second dry fit is done.  Now that this stuff is not crowding my thoughts, I'll get back to the weather "have to get done" list...lol


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I found a little shop time this afternoon and managed to get a few things done...lol

First off, I created the templates for the curves and made a story board for where the dust frames will go so that I can notch the legs..IMG_1469.thumb.jpeg.9f4432cfb8a041f59296c6a6bb3759a9.jpeg

Next, I pulled it all apart and cut the grooves and curves in all the rails.  I then reassembled it so that I could mark the correct locations on the legs for the grooves to accept the panels.  I should be able to get these grooves done tomorrow as well as the notches for the dust frames.  Then, I'll reassemble and start the dust frames.


I may also be able to get the 2 sides glued up tomorrow as well..  This will make the final glue up much easier!

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Other than stopping to shovel snow once in a while, I had a good day in the shop!

First off, I routed all the grooves to accept the panels.


Next, I created a jig and notched the legs for all the web frames - or dust frames if you will..


These notches needed to be squared off which I did with a chisel.


One last dry fit to make sure everything is correct before going to glue up!



I sanded everything to 180 grit just before using epoxy to do the glue up..  So, they sit in clamps tonight..

I should be able to do a full dry fit tomorrow to get measurements for the dust frames..


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