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Chat Feature - Tutorial


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As most of you have seen now, there's new chat software installed on the forums.  We've created a chat room where everyone can hang out and chat as well as a private function where you can live chat one on on.  Both are very simple to use.

I'll start with the Chat Room - To get in, click on "Chat"


Next, click on the Chat Room.


And, you're in!


To chat with others in the room, simply type in text box and press enter.


Additionally, we've added the ability to show pictures and GIFs in this room


As well, if you want to go to private chat with someone in the chat room, simply click on their name and the Chatbox will open up.

I think we may have some more features that we could add to this room.  If there's something there you guys want, let me know..

Now on to the Chatbox 

In the lower right hand portion of your screen, you'll see the Chatbox button.


Clicking on that button will open up a box where you can select who you want to chat with.  If you don't see their name on the list, it's because you haven't chatted with them before.  By simply typing their user name in the bottom of this screen, they will come up and you can start your conversation.


So, in this Case, if I wanted to talk to Tmize, I simply type his name in the bottom and click on his name whet it appears.  


Please let me know if there are questions or features you'd like to see added.

I really do hope we get some good use and enjoyment out of this addition!


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There another nice feature that allows you to more easily view and interact on the forums while being in the chat room.

Click on the pull down box to open the menu.


Select  "Open in Popup" 


And now you can place the ongoing conversation anywhere you'd like on your screen.


I have a fairly large screen so, this works well for me but, you can adjust the size of the box to fit your needs.  

Additionally, when this room is open, anytime anyone types, an audible notification will sound.  You can turn this off if you wish, it was left on as the default.

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