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  1. I just fell in love with white oak!
  2. on my older bandsaw my blade hit the guides but they just spun, I never noticed sparks coming out. its almost like the guides dont spin at all and its just slamming up against them
  3. woooooow!! I never thought you could get the intricate with those details, but dang! That is an amazing board there. Did anyone see the sparks coming from the bandsaw? .. what was that about?
  4. ok .. I think I will be pushing it back to a light cut next time ... probably for the time to mill up the door rails and styles for the cabinets. Then I will check out the overflow ... if any Thanks Coop!
  5. wait does that mean he'd be going through Dallas? lol Some amazing looking walnut there ... one day my skills will be good enough to do something like that justice
  6. Thanks guys! Got the rods ordered and should be here, hopefully, end of the week. Doesnt matter too much as the week is a mad house around here so I dont get much done anyways
  7. ok, I will try backing it down just a bit for a smaller cut and see how that goes...
  8. Well got some work in over the weekend ... the wife helped me clean out the big ugly metal shelves in the back. Now that its gone it feels so much more open, I really like it out of there. Then today got some time to joint some more face frame material ... will have to plane another day, hopefully tomorrow if I get out of meetings soon enough. Gotta love the action in those boards, cups, twists, bows and all sorts of fun stuff Also curious ... do yalls planers leave this much behind? Maybe I am taking too thick of a cut and it cant keep up? (1/8" cut) the pic doesnt look too bad, but really it was about 5 boards and maybe 10-12 passes total.
  9. Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun to build and first time doing edge banding, so hopefully it last awhile ? haha We shall see how long it goes before momma gets her way of move additions in there. For now just looking into rods to hang clothes. Anyone bought any closet hardware online before? Anything special to know? Looking for oil rubbed bronze stuff ...
  10. Got the shelf done and in, drawer pulls in and everything ready to go. Now just to get some rods up and the wife is already talking about more additions to the bottom for some shoe storage or just open storage about 13" high. We shall see how that goes....Just glad to be done with the main portion of it now.
  11. little bit of sanding to get the tighter ones in. ok sounds good. we get all over from 200 % ? to 30-40% depending on time of year. I guess time will tell how it goes. Thanks! Ah ok, maybe that is what happened to me as we put some single knobs on my sons older dresser and like 6 months later 3-4 had either come lose or completely came undone ... Hopefully these will be better!
  12. Got the front done and somewhat attached ... will correctly attach from the back tomorrow. Did not have any 1" screws and my 1 1/4 screws would go through ? ... dang 1/2 drawers haha Will work on leveling the drawers a little better tomorrow as well once I can fully attach them. Do I need to add any thread lock to the screws into the handles or just hand tighten good?
  13. suffered through it and went back to CAD to do some math in there and got it mostly figured out ... somewhat of a pain for sure for the first time haha. The other 2 drawers are just drying from the Shellac Now to work on the shelf and drawer fronts hopefully tomorrow
  14. got a little bit of work in ... installed the base and the cabinet. Working on the drawer slides now. Question on drawers though ... they are super snug. To give them a little wiggle room so its not so tight, should I just sand away some where the glides are attached? Not sure what else I could do there. Any tricks on guide rail height installs? First time going through installing more than 1 or 2 where it actually matters. Trying to figure out best way to slide height and then drawer height so it looks normal and works with the drawer fronts that are going to be 2x 10" and 4 x 7"
  15. sorry for confusion ... this is what I was referring to ..
  16. wow $2k? I will just wear ear protection if the noise is that bad lol
  17. ah ok ... whats the thickest you have sprayed? You have the Q4 right?
  18. what did you consider when buying yours?
  19. if yall are curious what Fuji had to say when I reached out to them a little while back ... might be helpful for some ...
  20. Hah! Now this could be interesting to bring back up ?
  21. Hah! Hopefully the alcohol helped ?
  22. agreed ... thanks to all who worked on this one! I am sure it was enough to make you drink haha
  23. Man it was like a quick stroll through memory lane being able to see everything on 1 page so far ... Should have more updates this weekend as I should get some time to get in there and work on the shelves and face frames for the cabinets. Then after that I will take a stab at the doors .. I think .. for the upper cabinets. Getting a decent idea of where I want things in the bottom cabinets too. Working through Beckett's closet build, it should me real quick what I tend to go for most so that has been helpful in making some decisions too
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