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  1. The bulk of the pieces I've built have been shadow boxes for my comrades retiring from the military. I always charged for just the materials and added about 10% (usually totaled about $125'ish). For me it was about building my woodworking experience, but the real payoff was always the recipients' reactions when the box was presented to them with their medals, patches, rank, etc... arranged in it. Seeing some of the "grown men cry" was like a thousand dollar payday~!! I just recently completed what I'm considering my first actual commission piece: another shadow box, of sorts, to hold the client's "magic cards" (modern day Dungeons & Dragons type game, I'm guessing). He gave me a rough drawing that I modeled in SketchUp to get his approval on the overall design. I wasn't able to give him a price ahead of time, but he said to proceed on, so I did. When he came to pick it up, he loved what he saw. I wasn't able to gauge his reaction when I hit him with the bill...shocked at being too much or too little, but he send me the funds and I've received good feedback from after he got it home and populated it with his cards. Personally, I think I really undercharged for it, but I'm learning this part of the hobby/business. I'm attaching a few pics to include the one he sent me. The box is 31" h x 24"w x 5"d and is made of Walnut with a masonite back panel, and Plexiglas panels on front with hemp pulls. The finish was only natural Danish Oil. I charged him $250. All feedback is appreciated....be gentle~! 🙂
  2. Thanks, Kev~! I'll be digging thru my pics to see which ones are "worthy" of posting. I've already seen some beautiful work by other forum members.
  3. We've played the ticket lottery and have been to the Masters a few times, but nothing for this year though. I've worked there during the tournament as well. It's a beautiful place when all in bloom and it's cool to be able to meet the golfers and some of the attending celebs. It's amazing how the National has grown since we've been here as they spread into surrounding business properties that they buy out.
  4. Hi all~! I joined Kev's forum tonight and am very interested to learn from fellow sawdust enthusiasts and to share with all of you. I took a shop class in high school, but didn't really get into woodworking until living in northern Virginia at my second duty assignment. It's been a love affair with wood since then. I've been retired from the Army for 15yrs now and finally have a shop instead of a shed. I'll fully retire (again) in 33 months and am super excited to really crank up my output. We've been in Augusta, GA, since 1999 when we were stationed here at Fort Gordon. I'm originally from Miami, FL, but did most of my growing up in Chattanooga, TN. When I'm not in the shop turning beautiful wood into waste for my dust collector, I can probably be found on a disc golf course with my son or planning another trip to the Gulf. I never lost my beach bum genes~! I'm looking forward to digging thru all of the forum topics~!
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