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  1. There is a fairly large add budget but I have to get all the bugs worked out before we start the big campaign for advertising.. As far as the search criteria I believe that we have some control over it. Was there something you wanted to happen? The people who form the beta testers will have a lot of time to give us the vital feedback and suggestions for improvement before we start the big campaign.
  2. Ya it's brand new you should be able to set up an account be sure that you let me know when you do. Lance@woodshopstore.com
  3. Are you a woodworker who makes things to sell. I am a semi retired woodworker and I was sick of selling in a store for crafts and doo dad's. Wood working is a passion for me. This is why I have built woodshopstore.com I will be giving 5 beta testers a 5 year 50 percent cut in the commission fee for listenings If you would like to be a test team member please email me lance@woodshopstore.com
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