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  1. Some how I missed this the first time. I just started down the water stone road. What ceramic stones did you switch to an why from water stones?
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    Welcome to the forum
  3. Not much happened over the weekend with this project. I got the frame all glued up an the shelves roughed out an glued an the panels got two coats of paint. Only issue I had was one side of two of the sliding dovetails the shoulder didn’t pull up tight like the others. So since this joint will never see the light of day again. I glue them to tails up with epoxy in hopes it will gap fill the error. I clamped them tight you can see in the pictures.
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    Track saw

    That was what I was thinking originally. Now Chet has me thinking of using plywood to save storage space.
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    Track saw

    I may just go with the kreg save some money. They make good product from what I have used. I just don’t see me doing enough plywood an cabinets to make it worth the extra $$. Now I need to come up with a better method to break down whole sheets. Thinking about building a 2x4 grid to sit on my saw horses
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    Track saw

    Nearly all my ts blades are diablo I think they are about the best value. Now my 24t rip blade is starting to dull an burn I may have to replace it soon. Now I’ve cut a lot with it in the last year an half. For 30 bucks I can live with that consumable cost.
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Think I’m starting to see a trend on here?
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    Track saw

    So I’ve got a bunch of plywood cabinets coming up soon so I got to looking into track saw. I know I want battery powered I hate cords an I’m a electrician ?. While searching the web I found Home Depot had Milwaukee 18v circular saw half price with battery $179 so I jumped on that. Then I got to thinking about kreg accu cut xl. It has a bed to attach a saw to an cut up to 106” track. Would it be mistake to go with this or would a true track saw setup be so much better. I don’t do a lot of plywood regularly either way would be better than fighting a whole sheet thru the table saw
  10. 1)If it was me I would 1.5” deep tenon. The m&t rules get a little grey when doing bb ends you want more meat in the tenons to help with cupping of the top. 2)1/3 the thickness is fine. Haunched is fine I normally do concealed tenons but I really don’t think it matter it’s easier for me than haunched. Now with wood movement a 5” wide tenon is to big it would risk cracking the top. How about 5- 3” wide tenons instead. 3) The more thickness you have around the bb ends the stronger it will be. I haven’t seen the video but I believe his blanket chest was G&G. That style
  11. So with all the joinery complete an dry fits. I laid out the draw bore pegs. I decided instead of one 1/4” peg I went with 2- 3/16 pegs just goes to show how much a 1/16” makes I a visual appearance. The tick marks are actually the location on the tenons. Went over to the drill press to drill the holes thru the leg. Back at the bench I clamped up the rails to the legs. Using a 1/16” smaller drill bit with it clamped tight holding the bit against side of the hole closest to shoulder an gently tap it down to make a mark on the tenon. The first glue up went good no issues. The back one
  12. I figured someone would bring that up. ?. I’m sure I’ve used one at one time that will be worth thousands of dollars one day as a shim on something pointless. I was little in th early 90’s when the baseball card crave was going on. I have so many baseball card just in boxes stacked up in the storage room.
  13. I forget got about that part of the movie. Awesome movie
  14. So I made a little jig to perfect the tails ends. It’s simple had a piece of cut off 12/4 popular I set the bandsaw table to 1:6 angle an made the cut. I didn’t even clean up the saw marks. With one corner still square I slowly cut to much off the front side trying to sneak up on the cut ?. So I glued on a piece of 1/4” plywood an fine tuned the angle some. I had it just a touch to loose now so I taped a baseball card to the bottom of the block. Now is just a perfect fit. I trimmed down the corners a touch to help installing them. Couple small hammer taps an it’s there. The way I use it i
  15. I built mine from scraps around the shop also. I did buy the screws tho cider press screws didn’t say woodworking on them so they was only $10 each.
  16. New territory for me I will be watching eagerly. I want to build a rocking chair so bad but I can never seem to start a build on one. It’s a future dream once I get all the furniture built we need in the house. That’s my retirement plan to just build Windsor rocking chairs an set them out by the mailbox for sale out on on a dirt road?
  17. I will bow out on this topic. I have just enough self control to know I can’t be good an can’t follow the rules
  18. Yes I got the update about his wife in a email. They posted on their site an added 4 weeks to all the estimated times. The question is do I want to go ahead a have them get started on another saw for with these kind of delays?. I just don’t know what I would get. I love both my LN dovetail an big tenon saws ( I got the old style 10tpi 3 1/2” plate). The hard decision in life?
  19. I tried it a couple times at the router table an was so aggravating that I swore them off for a long time. Then I watched a video online how to do it by hand an said I could do that ?
  20. Figure 8’s or a cleat and screws is plenty strong enough for a make up vanity. I don’t think I would domino it even if you don’t glue it. Would make repairs down the road more difficult
  21. So I had a good day in the shop today. I got the top rails dovetailed into the legs. The fit isn’t great I don’t know what happened guess I got off my line some. It will still do its job an never be seen. I got the end panels rabbeted an fit into the frame. If I did this right it should equal 1/8” revel all around the frame. Never done it this way. I fitted it a touch looser than normally would a clear coated panel since this will be painted. I’ll paint it before the glue up I may I have to trim it some more we shall see. After that I got started on the sliding dovetails spacer
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    I got mine thru Lee valley on their free shipping deals. I’ve never had a issue with amazon shipping. I think I paid $449 no tax. A lot of the Amazon purchases lately I’ve had to pay taxes
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    It has a depth stop but it sucks. I mean it will get you close but don’t expect it for a true depth stop. It has about 1/8” of play in it
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