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  1. What brand an size width an tooth count does everyone use. I’ve been using highland woodworking woodslicers blades in 3/4” an 1/2”. These blades are designed for straight cuts an re-sawing. I really like these blades for what I do an leave a clean surface. What they don’t do is allow me to cut any kind of curve. I don’t think I’ll be doing any scroll work or anything. I would like to do curves on furniture rails or bandsaw boxes an I want to try the little reindeer this year. I figured i would need a couple different sizes or would a 1/4” do it all?
  2. Wow that is amazing looking door. That needs to be a front door not just a master bathroom door.
  3. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    I don’t know on mine the dust would just pile up on top of my guides then fall to the floor.
  4. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    I couldn’t ask for a better saw. I used the Snodgrass method to set it up an haven’t had a minute of drift an smooth cut straight out of the box.
  5. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    I’ve seen the big fancy Italian bandsaw have this feature already built into them with two different ports.
  6. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    Mine doesn’t have a brush against the blade. It does have one on the lower wheel. The factory port does a great job of keeping the lower wheel compartment clean a dust free. It needed collection up closer to the throat plate help dust from piling up there an the table top.
  7. So do we relabel this thread December 3rd now?
  8. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    So I have my Laguna 14/12 bandsaw now for almost a year now. For the first couple months it had no dust collection at all. Then finally got around to hooking it up to the factory 4” port on the side of the machine. An that worked adequate as long I didn’t try an cut anything other 2” thick. Any time I would try an resaw or cut anything thicker dust would go everywhere including all over the table. So I suffered thru it or procrastinated doing anything about it. So I google some images under the table bandsaw DC. I got a few decent ideas. So I ordered some 2 1/2 hose an a 4” to 2 1/2” y pipe a
  9. Been occupied by other project around the shop an new tools. Kinda lost interest also but I’ll will be returning to this one soon.
  10. So I’ve just about cut up ever piece of scrap in my shop the past few days. Also I rehabbed the two saws I got off eBay to compare the BA against. One saw is 12” saw I filed it my normal rip configuration 5 degree of rake an 5 degree of fleam an 13ppi. The second saw is 14” filed true crosscut 15 degree rake 20 degree of fleam 12ppi. The Bad axe is 14” filed hybrid by their site is 10 degree of rake an 17 degree of fleam. So far I can say for sure the BA is the smoothest starting saw I have ever used in rip or cross cutting. Speed of cut is also very close to to the same performance
  11. Dang I should have tried that. I normally just take the easy way out when it comes to dealing with any kind of CS. An just don’t contact them most of the time it’s not worth getting even madder about the problem. ?‍♂️
  12. Remember a few months ago the same thing happened to mine. Our discussion on it is over in power tool section. I had not cut a whole lot with mine before it broke maybe 20 or so.
  13. Great job looks way better than the first pic. The tapers add to the piece just to let you know it’s not just a factory piece
  14. It came in the mail today. This is a big saw I’ve got a couple 12” saw so I didn’t think much about going to a 14”. Man this thing is huge holding it against my LN. I do have to say that it is very nimble for its size. With the few cuts I’ve made with it so far the extra length really helps it want to cut straight. Now cutting plumb is taking so getting use to the weight helps it fly thru the cut but the smallest grip pressure throws it off vertically. Luckily it’s to the waste side for me. The horns on the handle fit perfectly to my hand. The handle is thinner than me LN but the hump an middl
  15. No it just goes to show that you must be careful what an how you say something. You never know what others maybe going thru at that time. Even in passing jest
  16. I’m sorry if the comment come off brute that wasn’t my line of thinking. I don’t want to imagine that kind of pain an loss they are going thru. You are correct it is just a saw I was just relaying a change in shipping status.
  17. Making progress looks great
  18. Well I got the email today the saw is finished and will ship out Tuesday. My patience had wore thin the last few days. I started ebay shopping for more saw to refurbish to kill the time well now it is here. So guess I’ll put the eBay finds up on a shelf for awhile as I give the BA an good test run
  19. It’s been a minute since I updated this thread. I have really worked on the bookcase much. Been doing a few other projects around the shop. Built a couple shop drawers an some drawer organizer. I did work on the shelves a today. I got them notched to fit in the case. Not as close of a fit as I would like but the layers of paint should narrow them down some. I will finish the shelves separate of the case to ease with the painting. They will be joined the the rails they are sitting on with pocket screws( yes I do own one?). Got a few touch up spots to hit then painting?. I will probably start th
  20. That is going to be one hell of a glue up. I don’t envy you at all. ?
  21. My Main question as this is a pretty simple build for the most part ... the apron/wrapping of the wood corners (not sure what to call that) ... Will that cause issues with wood movement? Or would it not be too bad? I was just reading a project build of one Garrett Hack huntboard. The bottom of the case is a floating spline along the depth for wood movement. I got to thinking about the table top you posted. In this case it could be built like frame an panel door. You could just leave a small reveal around the border.
  22. Yep I’ve cut tapers wrong before. I think I’ve cut just about every joint wrong at least once?
  23. I bought the water stone mainly because I didn’t like the way my diamond stone kept getting slower cutting do to it getting finer. I have just a norton two sided water stone 4K an 8k. I know I’ll wear it out sooner or later due to how much I sharpen I like the way it cuts tho. Just looking for recommendations
  24. Do they seem to cut as fast? The soaking doesn’t bother me I bought a large Tupperware pan I keep them in an just take them out an go.
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