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  1. Nothing worse than waiting on tools. You coming along good the dry fit looks great.
  2. I basically do something close to that now. I use my Mdf out feed table stack the dado stack on it an run a scrap next to it. I may try that tho I’ve got some 1/2” rod at work I could use.
  3. I thought the dado part was cool. That an being able to slide it down an keep your setting. To bad they don’t make it for my rigid table saw. I don’t see me buying a powermatic or a saw stop ever so guess I’m out. Though I’ve always struggled a lil with sizing my dado stack perfect.
  4. Nah he has plenty of time ?
  5. Sounds like they must have gotten better. The last set I bought was 10 years or more ago an they were crap. I don’t remember the brand but it was whatever was being advertised a bunch at the time.
  6. Thats my bad the last pic you showed is correct. I got turned around on the first pics.
  7. The Narex are good chisels. Considering how much use you have had with them I wouldn’t spend a great deal of money on a set. For the money they are the best dollar for dollar. You can step up to their premium line for not much more money. They are much better handle shape an fit an finish. Sharpening is extra expensive when first starting out. The way I started out with a cheap Chinese double sided diamond stone. It was 600 grit on one side 1200 on the other. It worked good for awhile. Now for a more permanent starter I would do a Norton two sided water stone. Will last longer an bet
  8. It’s backwards flip the blade around the chipbreaker should go on the flat back of the blade. The bevel of the blade an the bevel of the chipbreaker should by angled toward each other
  9. I love my basement shop in the heating an cooling dept. I just cut a vent into the main duct passing thru ?. That an Alabama doesn’t really get cold so I’d say the coldest my gets is around 60.
  10. Jack leg is a old common name we still use in the south for what most call DIY now. Basically with out any basic training or knowledge on something to make it work an performs the function needed at that time. Not always with safety an longevity in mind.
  11. Try out this link for readjust the carriage insert in the plane. https://workingbyhand.wordpress.com/tag/gage/ You may need to flatten the plane wooden body first. You do not need to get it perfectly flat just so it has no rock. If you are pulling that thin of a shaving as is it will not take much work. By the length of the plane it’s a trying plane. In normal use .004 is as fine of a shaving that it should ever take. My jointer/trying planes are set up to take a shaving between the thickness of a piece of notebook paper .005 to card stock .01 in thickness. When you you get thickness th
  12. I have a jack leg air filtration. I have couple 20” box fans with a low micron filter around the shop hanging from the ceiling around my fine dust makers. I keep them running on high all the time. Does a good job of keeping at least the dust I can see non existent. Now do I think this is best well no. But is a cheap option til you save up for the correct thing.
  13. Me either I better get started I’m slow
  14. It’s been a interesting build. It’s turned out great.
  15. Well I got the back built finally. Just loosely screwed into place. Still have to plane them before painting. I think I had said earlier in this thread they would be T&G I got looking my planes an I didn’t have the tongue plane for the board thickness at 1/2”. So I did a shiplap panel with a nickel as a spacer between boards. I put a half round notch in one of my card scraper to match the profile of the beading plane. All my grooving type plane irons have a 15 degree back bevel on them to help with tear out. So i don’t have to worry as much about grain direction which is problem I ru
  16. Here is a few pics of proof to show I haven’t just been goofing off
  17. Well new old tools refurbished two back saws. My bad axe carcass saw came in also. Built a shop cabinet to hold more tools. Rearrange placement of some thing in drawer around the bench. Made so cheap drawer organizer an put down some anti rust mats in the bottom of all the drawers that hold metal tools. Lots of small little things to keep me busy.
  18. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    I had planned on using magnets to hold it in place. So far I haven’t had to use them. It is just wedged between a web in the cast iron table an the adjustable blade guard.
  19. Tmize

    Bandsaw blades

    I bought the same blade when I got the saw from woodcraft. It’s a fine blade I ran it for a little bit it’s my spare now.
  20. Tmize

    Bandsaw DC

    Yes an no with it not being fastener down I can adjust it when I tilt the table by sliding the blade guard down to hold it. Now I haven’t tested this theory yet.
  21. I normally just pick thru scrap pile also. On my bench build a few months ago. I built a set of heavy duty cauls for the top glue up. I used slotted unistrut an 3/8” all thread to squeeze down with jamb nuts an ratchet to adjust the pressure.
  22. Tmize

    Bandsaw blades

    I actually broke my 1/2” the other night. It scared the hell out of me. I was re-sawing a log I had been drying. Pushed it a little to hard. So I’m replacing that one an figured I would add a couple blades to the order.
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