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  1. Have been clicking on all the links and yes this gear is so much more. There ought to be an adaptor for my router. If not I might have to by into the Festool family.
  2. sO I should buy it for a X-mass present to myself is what you all are saying. I have one of those cheapy dove tail jigs but the stumbling block i have on it is the guide collet that goes on the bottom of the router. It seems to be very make specific, and i don't have a portacable router. And to top that I have lost all the little xtra bits that came with the jig. I've had it years and only pulled it out last week to use it and discovered it was about as useful as a door stop. Leigh on the other hand seemed to be more router makes flexable. Well i'm hoping anyway that this is the case as i
  3. I'm looking at buying a D4R Pro. . .what can you all tell me these if anything?
  4. On the other hand I just discovered the saw stop the other day. Didn't know it was a complete saw, to be honest thought it was something that could be added to an existing saw. HOWEVER...your a complete idiot if you don't go into a work shop and don't treat any of the machines with anything but respect. And it only takes an instant single mistake for things to get completely FARKED. I can still see it now a year later like i just did it. If I'd had a saw stop my thumb might still be fully intact and not still giving me tingly burning sensations. Thumbs are full of nerves they say. The only thi
  5. I'm seriously serious here. And I feel I have taken the fence , the gate AND the letter box. When the planetary quarantine has lifted I'm coming to America and I'm gonna hunt you down and buy you a beer. ? and the Tui Beer add would say.....Yeah Right! As stated earlier in my piece. The maximum size [at the time of that writing] for a building of any sort that didn't need a Building Consent was 10 square metres. I decided that to get what I wanted I could easily build myself a couple of 10sqm buildings to do the job of one building. Incidentally after this COVID thing...the NZ
  6. So I got another window in and put the final cladding on the e nd outside wall. Should stop the prevailing storm wind blowing moisture through the cracks in the plywood. I also moved some fire wood from down at the road end up to the main hut.
  7. So I have been busy doing other stuff and haven't been on here in like a million years. So yeah to what Kevin said. Back in the day when [KBA]_TIODS and I a.k.a [KBA]_KIWI were playing that GAME. I was talking to this other bloke (from another clan) while we were murdering red dots. Well talking is probably not the precise word since back in those days it wasn't Discord or even Team Speak. But I think we chatted via in game text. But anyway. . . I was at the time playing with this other chap who lived in a city in some place called TEXAS. No idea what we ere talking about but I called him a PU
  8. Let me see if i can find some pictures of mountains I have stood on. . . . ? and have the evidence to prove it.
  9. You know what? I have absolutely no idea what all you fellas are talking about? BAD Axe sounded like something that you used then decided it was for the bin since i didn't perform. Then all this other technical jargon has just gone straight over my head. whoooooosh...hmmmmm loook at that I C blue sky... But I do know what a sore is...i mean saw. But hang angle...erm....ahhhh..... The only hang angle I can think of is the angle of the dangle. But I'm pretty sure its not that. ? Sounds like its expensive and awesome whatever it is. . . .
  10. Just got out of hospital, almost lost a leg and an arm, did loose a couple of fingers, and an assortment of skin and bone. This tool is awesome for plastic surgeons. And my testicles are here floating in a jar, so no i didn't loose them they are all nice and safe.
  11. TO Date he hasn't used the bed yet. He said something about it being too heavy to move out of its present location in his fire wood barn [He is a firewood merchant, so has a lot of large drying sheds around his property]. SO WHY did he want me to build it out of the heaviest wood he could find then?
  12. Yeah looks good. . . I'm assuming you did that mountain walk in a day? Speaking of volcanoes. . . we have a few down here. . .they can be visited and summit ed for day walks. A lot of them are still active and do a lot of smoking and occasionally pop their wads. I'm planning a trip down South In Feb next year, A buddy has some land that sits at the trail head of a pretty cool alpine loop that I want to go experience. I think its about a 5 day walk to get around. I'll take photos. No volcano's in the South Island only the North Island, since the North Island is a subduction zone.
  13. OK gonna have to try this out see if what you say is true. . . Know where I can buy a dummy?
  14. I just had to stop when I saw it and it just blew me away that someone would actually do something like that. I was thinking like WOW! ARE U $%#^ing NUTS. Not even a guard on it. Not sure how you'd chop your testicles off with this baby unless there's something your not telling the rest of us. Just make you think hmmmmmmmm. . . . .
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