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  1. Agreed! And a unique vocal style as well!
  2. A little wax on the screw also helps..
  3. FWIW, I pick up that hardware at Lowes..
  4. I use the hardware you linked and pre-drill. I've never had an issue with the screws snapping.
  5. Nice! Is that white transtint in the stars?
  6. If you go back to the Coffee table that Chet and I did in his shop, we did it by power carving and then shaping with rasps and sanders..
  7. I've frosted a few things over the years, it's really not hard. You should be able to buy it in a rattle can at the big box store.. There's also lots of YT videos on it.. If you're going to do a design, I've used the stuff they used on kitchen shelves. Just stick it on the glass, draw/cut your design, and spray..
  8. You do know that you can frost your own glass out of a spray can right? You can also purchase glass etcher that's more of a brush on. Cool think about both is that if you want an artistic design in the glass, a simple stick down pattern on the glass before you etch it will leave those areas clear giving you the design you want.
  9. I did the entry table with the floating top a few years ago that turned out pretty cool!
  10. I see that you show them just across the top in this latest pic.. That might look a little strange from the side view to see those little "tics" of maple at the top on the side?
  11. Doing them all the way through, I'd be concerned structurally since your glue ups would be end grain. You might get away with it with some loose tenons and epoxy but, I would still consider them suspect. I think some shallow inlay would work out better structurally even though it's probably more work.
  12. You could run some long dowels from the outside. That would match the dowels used in the 1/2 laps. You could also install a small "apron" on the front and rear and then screw from the bottom. This would also add some rigidity to that shelf. Flag looks great!
  13. If you go look at my router bit cabinet thread, you'll see that I did this on walnut with African Mahogany dominos...lol. Certainly nothing wrong with It.
  14. Kev

    Track Saws

    I've used 2x4 sleepers for years as well when the piece is too big to get the cut in the right place on my table. Works well and the sleepers last forever.
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