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  1. Nice job! Looks like you'll get lots of useful storage there as well!
  2. That's a bit high for Sapele! @Chet's prices are a bit under the average. I'm around $7.50 for it. @Chet's prices in CA are starting to sound better.. Curious what's changed to cause the drop in prices?
  3. Add the cheaper 1/4 ply to the inside of that cabinet.. Again, cheaper than the other way and you don't have to change the dimensions of your cabinet to account for it.
  4. Check with your HW dealer and see if you can get it..
  5. I think if I were doing this job, I'd use the 3/4 cherry ply for the ends rather than buying the extra ply.. Maybe price compare the 1/4" ply plus the 3/4" you're using vs a sheet of 3/4" cherry ply?
  6. Kev

    Drum sander

    I have the same machine as @Chet and I prefer the open ended. It allows for double the width. That's why it's called the 19/38. Simply flick the piece around and do the other half.
  7. Kev

    Drum sander

    By leaps, yes. They're meant for baby steps. I know we all use them to remove thickness from time to time but, in the end that's not what they're for.
  8. Kev

    Drum sander

    I had the Grizz, it was my first drum sander. Biggest complaint I had about it was the DC. If you can swing it, the Supermax is awesome!
  9. I personally have never seen it in other than 5 x 5. I've certainly seen Birch Ply in 4 x 8 sheets but, it's not the BB ply. I'm in a hotel but, perhaps @Chet can snag a picture of the edge on BB ply? I will say that it's not very often that you ever see a void in the real stuff!
  10. The 5 x 5 stuff is the real BB ply.. Pretty nice stuff!
  11. I'm paying $50.00 a sheet.. I'm guessing @Chet's pricing must be a stack of mismarked stuff...lol. Buy it all Chet and resell it! You could make money!
  12. Ok, I just pooped a little in my pants! Absolutely choking on your price for the BB! You live in CA! This can't be accurate! Nice job on the jig! Looking forward to watching the video!
  13. I think you'll be surprised at how fast they go together! There's so many similar parts that you can batch a bunch of them out at a time and then it's just a matter of assembly. This is also a dual edged sword! Any mistakes are replicated to each one but, the "fix" is also replicated to each one.
  14. I hate building cabinets....lol Congrats though on the commission! We're all here to help if you need it..
  15. Kev

    Spanky's Lumber

    You need to find some shipping options! I'd take a lot more from you if I could get stuff shipped reasonably!
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