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  1. To be honest my favorite is the one I am using at that time. I would really like to see your solution, this is one my biggest frustrations and I am not going to buy their way overprized boom.
  2. Different university, at mine they barely showed up, and they did not give a rip about clothes.
  3. The return air is vented from a wall you can't see in the picture. But I am still cutting vents into the top and bottom panels of the door.
  4. I am not going to frame out the opening. The folks that installed the unit butchered it up badly, and fixing it would be a pain. Just going to cover it up. I know there are a number of ways to skin this cat. Just going to stick with the magnets. Sorry first bad pun of 2021,
  5. I should have explained the door better. The overall height is 80", there will be a total of 4 rails. The top and bottom rails are standard 2 1/4 inch, there are 2 additional rails that are 4 1/2". These rails will be placed 16" on center from the top and and bottom. The issue that I have to deal with is the blower furnace filter is on the top of unit and to access and change the filter the door will have to removed. To make this process a little easier I am cutting the top 4 1/2" rail in two and making that a separate panel. I am trying to make 2 doors look like 1. Anyway if your not
  6. It is, but the door will be right next to the washer and drier and a door to the house. So I am concerned about vibration. I ordered 12 magnets and will start with 5 per side.
  7. The door itself will sit on the floor. It is going to be a tight fit as it is, and I don't see any other way to make this work.
  8. Yea I haven't ordered them yet because I was concerned about the weight. First time I have done anything large with hickory and the weight surprised me. I want to only do this once so 5 per side it is.
  9. I am making a raised panel door to cover a recently installed blower for our heat pump. The door is 80"x24" hickory and since it has to be removable for blower service will not have hinges. Instead I am going to use magnets hold it place. These are the magnets I planning on ordering. I am thinking 3 per side will be enough, but thought I would ask, I am a little concerned about the magnets holding the door in place.
  10. My Christmas present to me. Its not here yet, but I Grizzly tells me I should be able to pick it up next week.
  11. I am on the web site now trying to talk myself down from the ledge.
  12. Stop it! I am so tempted, but I just bought a lathe and I would be is so much trouble.
  13. Bob


    I wonder if that is not a break-in period. Change it at 20 then forget it.
  14. Yea, all my dealings with them have been really good. Probably not important now, I ordered the lathe I doubt I will cancel.
  15. My Nova DVR lathe quit yesterday and by everything I have diagnosed so far it appears to be the main control board. Of course the lathe is out of production and mine is 14yrs old. I sent an email to the company and have not heard back, but I am not hopeful and would no be surprised if I was told there were no parts available. So 2 questions. Does anyone have any experience with this lathe? Grizzly has it on sale, and the sale ends tomorrow. It won't be available till January. If I order the lathe and do, somehow, find parts I would cancel the new lathe. Has anyone had problems c
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