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  1. Bob

    Bell Forest

    Bell Forest got back to me this morning. Their bt cost went up to 13.25 + shipping. Even with that, the total cost is $200 and change less than what I would pay locally. I ordered the wood. Now I wait...
  2. Bob

    Bell Forest

    I heard back from them this morning, I sent them my wish list but haven't heard back. The 3 hour time difference is causing the usual problems.
  3. Bob

    Bell Forest

    Yea, I try to work with the manager and he is pretty good about dropping a couple of bucks off of the bft price for most of my buys, but he won't budge on walnut.
  4. Bob

    Bell Forest

    Around 30bft of 8/4 Walnut. Locally it is $19 a bft + 10% tax. Bell Forest is $11.90, I don't know what shipping and taxes will be but I am hoping it will still be a savings. I can drive for about 2hrs, with a round trip ferry and might save a little but I doubt it.
  5. Bob

    Bell Forest

    Thanks, I will give that a try.
  6. Has anybody ordered from Bell Forest recently? I have tried for a couple of days to contact them, there is no answer on the 877 number and the local number listed on their web page has been disconnected.
  7. No suggestions for ya. But this did take me back to my misspent youth, where the goal was either a muscle car or van with ugly shag carpet and a mattress. If you were really cool you would turn your van into both. Thanks for the memory blast!
  8. What was the temperature in your shop? I notice a huge difference, based on the time of year. If my shop temp is over 70 I have to work much faster. My current batch is over 6yrs old, and still going strong. The only thing I do different now is give each pump a "waste" squirt if it has been several months since they have been used. If I am mixing a large batch, I use a flat pan instead of a cup. This also slows down the reaction. Their web page has several tips for prolonging setup time.
  9. I am working on a sculpted chair and thought I would try rubio. So I ordered some the other day. I didn't pay attention when I ordered and just assumed it was a quart. It showed up today and was a pint....for $54.00. This chair is a prototype, and I am not sure I like it. I am going to save the rubio for something else!
  10. I really like Osmo, especially for it ease of use. But I am tempted to try Rubio. The 2 part mix and short shelf life after mixing is holding me back. I do like how both really enhance the grain when finished.
  11. Well, no. It was back ordered, then delayed, and then delayed some more. In the mean time I sent the main board to Nova in hopes that they could repair it. Spent a number of hours with their tech service and they finally said, sorry the board is completely fried and we don't have a replacement. Then about 2 months later I got a call from the tech that I had been working with, he found a main board sitting on a shelf gathering dust. They sent it to me and I have my old lathe back up and running. After 6 months the new lathe was still back ordered, so I cancelled and will run my lathe until it dies. The replacement board was $350.00, new lathe was $3k, so it worked out. Still I would have liked a new toy....
  12. If you do decide to do a pattern (which I think would be very cool) I would etch the glass instead of frosting. Etching is permanent and easy to do with a template. I etched a 6 pane door as my first attempt and it was very easy. This is the product I used. Glass etching
  13. Looks great! Would really like to see the whole table. From the little I can see, I am not sure about frosting the glass. I really like the clear glass look.
  14. Glue the dowel into the leg. No glue for the top just a hole to fit over the dowel. I don't know where you live, but I am not sure I would worry to much about movement in your top frame. It is essentially a raised panel frame without the panel. When building a raised panel door etc... the wood movement concerns come from the wood panel and not the frame. But you can just make the holes for the dowel slightly larger than the dowel to allow for movement.
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