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  1. The braided wire and d-rings are what I use. I predrill for the screws using a vix bit. Depending on the wood I also coat the screw with bees wax to lubricate the screw.
  2. It is hard to tell from the picture but I would use a table edge profile bit. Depending on the depth of cut the bit will provide a round edge and give the appearance of a thinner table. Used on the bottom surface it will leave a flat, sharp edge on the top. I use it in a hand held router, sneaking up on the depth of cut I want. When I made this kitchen island I wanted a gentle slope to the edge, and used the bit on the stop surface. The table top was a strong 6/4.
  3. I have made several drawer sets using through dominos. Either make my own domino or store bought. Quick, easy, and not bad looking.
  4. @Coop and @Kev thanks. I have a couple of other fixtures in the shop that that take the M6 so all I have to do is raid my stash.
  5. Got mine today. Haven't used it yet, need to make a couple of sub fences. It was slightly out of square to my saw, very easy to calibrate which by itself is a first for any of my previous miter gauges. I have no regrets about this purchase.
  6. My problem is, I don't want to buy a "nice to have, but not need tool". The Harvey has a lot of features that I think I would like, and I don't want to miss the sale. But I have kind of over spent my tool budget when I just bought another Festool last week.
  7. Ok, now that everybody has had time with their miter gauge, is everybody still happy? It is back on sale, but I am still, on the fence, (sorry I couldn't resist) about buying one. Sale lasts a couple of more days, so convince me. I am currently using an Osborne that has served me well.
  8. I didn't do it. I was thinking about your question and happened to have a large round in my scrap. I set that up to see if it might work. I would not cut it by raising the bit. I would set the bit to final height and bring the fence forward and take multiple passed gradually moving the fence back. Seems to me changing the bearing height with each pass might cause problems. But I am just guessing.
  9. I guess it would depend on how wide you want the bevel to be, but would a 45* bevel bit in a router table work? This round is only 3/4 thick and the bit is my largest bevel. Just a WAG.
  10. Not sure but I would think so.
  11. Shellac is alcohol base, has very little voc, dries extremely fast and is very easy to clean up. This is especially true if you use flakes and mix it yourself.
  12. Put a coat of shellac on poplar, it won't raise the grain, and then paint.
  13. Bob


    Last month I added a 2nd bandsaw (Jet) that has 2 dc ports. I got the same sticker shock looking for Nordfab Y's. I refused to pay and just blocked off the the lower port on the saw. Seems to work OK. One of my problems is that the drop for the bandsaw also serves my jointer, planer, and drum sander, so I picked up some of these magport fittings. Really makes switching between tools a breeze. I really like your new bandsaw kind of makes me jealous.
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