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  1. Coop, last weekend I went to the Richmond, Virginia sawmill and logging expo. You should have seen the ole poor boy paying $5.00 for a coke. LOL
  2. I can't saw for people stopping and wanting 2x4's and lumber.
  3. It's about time the poor ole sawmill guy's have started making a little money. LOL
  4. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    Coop, I know you don"t like white oak lumber, but I cut 4 or 5 boards today of some pretty good curly white oak lumber. I guess, I will call Bmac.
  5. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    Coop, my wife made me trim my zz top beard. LOL
  6. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    You boy's are like a old man that wears overalls and work boots. Everyone I have ever seen has no money. LOL
  7. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    I have been cutting lumber 5 to 6 days a week 8 hours a day. I have two helper now and we ain't playing at saw milling anymore. I have never seen lumber price's this high before.
  8. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    Coop, I'm cutting Fas White Oak for China now. They buy it by the truck load. Bmac, I'm looking for a super good tiger hard maple but no luck so for.
  9. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    No, cheap way to ship lumber...............The first load to Houston was on a good rate, but that didn't work on the second load. They said my weigh was off.
  10. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    Coop I cut a big cherry log around 34" and it had some pretty curly lumber too. But I cut it up into pallet cants. I started to call RIW but I knew he would start crying about having to get his billfold out.
  11. Now you know where the outlaw woodworkers hang out at and one old sawmill guy. ?
  12. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    Coop hardwood lumber just keeps going up. What's it doing at you're lumber store in Houston?
  13. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    Some people are to tight to buy toilet paper! ?
  14. Spanky

    Spanky's Lumber

    He's petted to death! They's no telling how much money I have spent on him. He go's to the DQ a couple times a week to get a large ice cream cone.
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