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  1. Good grief young'un. You know you're welcome wherever we happen to be hanging out.
  2. I did something like that a couple of years ago. Bending over to do detail work started giving me back pains, added to what I already had. I later screwed and glued a piece to the front leg, so instead of clamping it to the bench, it slips into the shoulder vise.
  3. Ken, I think you've gone as far as you can until you have the exact door opening Option #2 is in my opinion is the way to go. You still have plenty of time. Don't do any profiles or anything else until you know exactly what you are going to build. Right now it's really guesswork. Don't guess, get it right the first time.
  4. That would probably work, the problem I see, at least for me, is that it adds another hour or so to each cane, adding to the cost, the extra rods add to the cost., Now we're in the $50 to $60 for the retail, plus the packaging and shipping. I just can't see much of a market at those prices, and it's still like Ikea, "we'll ship it, you put it together". All these ideas are welcome, but I think it's gonna have to stay local, for it to be a really custom product. If I only sell 5 that's fine with me, there are folks that could use one and can't afford one, so Christmas comes early from an old
  5. Online. They're easy to find, and there are different sizes. There are even tips that will allow the cane to stand alone while you reach for something.
  6. Kev. I have a neighbor who's about 3 years older than me with a bad back and legs. He's 6' tall, I'm 6'2" tall My cane is 37", but here's the rub. the cane I gave him is 39" because his arms are shorter. The other problem I see is a customer's preference in wood. The canes I've made are all different. Walnut handle with Cherry shaft, or Butternut Handle with Butternut shaft, then Curly Maple handle with Sassafras shaft, Each one is different, and each customer's choice would be different, based on their taste, or how they want to be perceived by others. Then we'd need to have them make t
  7. It's a damn nice idea, However, they are all made longer than is useful, unless you're 7'4" tall. Each one needs to be cut and fitted with a cane tip. And I wouldn't feel comfortable just cutting them all one size, that would make them less than custom. If you can figure a way around that I might be interested. Since I've rarely gotten to far away from the property here since I retired, I don't know if there are any of those type organizations nearby. However, since I'm on good terms with the Sheriff, I'll ask him and then follow up on that. Good idea Chet. Thanks.
  8. You're a strange bunch of damn nice guys. Since I live in an older folks community, I had thought about selling them as "Sunday Go To Meetin" canes, Cause nearly everyone here is in a church on Sundays.
  9. Thanks guys. Now the question comes up. What do I do with 9 or 10 canes, I have two metal [ugh] ones and now two wooden ones? Do I try and sell them? Where I live the biggest town has about 5,000 residents, in fact the whole county only has about 19,000 residents. Most are old and retired like me. I'n guessing that there's 3 to 4 hours in each one, most of it is hand work, rasps and sandpaper. If I build something on commision I figure my hourly rate around $30 or $40 dollars, depending on the complexity. I can't charge that kind of money for a cane, I just can't. They were all made long,
  10. I'm 77 years old physically, but my mind is still as sharp as a 40 year old. My mind refuses to accept what it see's in the mirror. However... I had three back surgeries a little over a year ago and was told by the Doctor, I'd be up and at'em in less than a month. He lied. I now have no choice but to use a third leg to be sure I don't fall on my butt. I hate it. However I discovered that the third leg/canes they sell at drug stores and Walmart, are designed for the "average" person. I'm 6'2", a bit above the average. The store bought canes force me into a leaning position, that's quite
  11. Richarda


    Uh wouldn't that be different.
  12. Ya gotta admit Rickey, he makes it so easy.
  13. Sassafras and Butternut, now you're getting my interest up.
  14. This is what I used before I built this. It has a board on the back to ride the fence. Horrible way to cut splines.
  15. Truthfully, I remembered that Dave aka: treeslayer at WTO, had made one. I couldn't find his to steal the idea, but I did remember some of it's salient points and added them. It turned out that his and mine are 80% alike. Proof that great minds really do think alike.
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