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  1. Interesting thought on the mats. Going to have to look into that as that does sound like a great keep clean solution. paint eh? Didn’t even cross my mind … what color would you be thinking for the wood? White? I’ll have to bring this up to my buddy. Lol!! Shag carpet in those big conversion vans. I remember my moms and she’d drive around the baseball team when we were little. I was thinking that but not sure on how well the weather would be or how slippery etc if it got wet boots on it Test fitting the foam pads … I’m 6’2 and I fit diagonally accord without bending goofy. I was surprised by this. starting work on the sink …
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  2. Good gosh yes! Mid to late 60’s where the shag carpet probably cost more than my van itself. Sure was hard to get the stains out (Ripple wine). Add an 8 track and a reverb and a surfboard on top!
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