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  1. I wore one of your tee shirts with the full intent of having my friend take a pic of me in front of the Festool booth and darned if I didn’t forget. I even ironed it before I left home!
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  2. When my buddy called me up and mentioned he’d been watching a lot of YouTube and bought a minivan for me to convert, I first laughed and thought he was kidding . He wasn’t so I said hell ya let’s do it!! the sweet ride … overall design idea at the moment .. getting a template cutout for the in floor storage… Gluing the bigger pieces together this is pretty fun getting to do something out of the ordinary! my main question for now is what type of finish would be good for this? Mainly thinking of the floor in the “kitchen” area where shoes/dirt/water/mud will be in contact with it. I was thinking maybe shellac or something cheap for the majority of everything?
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  3. First build video is up and available!
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  4. Nothing like mixing propane and a spark to shoot a nail....lol. Hate to see something go wrong...lol
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  5. An update. I purchased a new qt. Of the 105 resin and a new set of pumps. I still had a half qt. of the 206 slow hardener so didn’t buy any more of that. I purged both new pumps and mixed a batch. Luckily I didn’t have much to glue up as the remainder started getting pretty hot and hardening in less than 15 minutes. We did have a rare 37% humidity and the temp was 93*. Not sure how much difference that made?
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