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  1. No apologies necessary bud! We appreciate all that you do to keep this great site in order. Minor inconvenience!
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  2. First and most important, apologies for the down time. It started with a faulty hard drive and led to a bunch of other issues. If anything is missing, we have to company we entrusted to do our backups to thank for that! At worst, it should only be a few days. We're currently working on the issues with the older pictures. Even though I'm going to post an updated picture on the Desk build, I would suggest waiting to post pictures until we get that issue resolved. My Desk post with a picture is as much a test as it is an update. We're working diligently to ensure that this does
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  3. I think I typed all this out before the server issues but, it was lost so wanted to toss this in here again.. Woodriver 5" Sanding Blocks are great for using those sanding discs from your ROS that still have a little life left in them. They're light weight and the hook/loop seems to hold up pretty well! They're relatively inexpensive (~$12.00) and can be found at the following places.. Woodcraft: https://www.woodcraft.com/products/5-foam-hook-loop-sanding-block Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Foam-Hook-Loop-Sanding-Block/dp/B00H2B61YE/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3GPG6DGXZ4ODH&dch
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  4. I say this with all due respect. Just remember its called a safety trigger not a gets in my way trigger. Its there to make you think about what you are doing. I hope before you have an accident, you rethink this. Please. Yea, I do Coop. One thing I know about pneumatic tools of any sort is they don't get along with dust of any nature. I don't think most pin nailers work this way. They are a finish tool and you don't want to have an extra ding or dent in you project from banging the head to fire.
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