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  1. I spent a couple of afternoons making the Morley Mortiser for cutting mortises with the router to go with loose tenons. I haven't done any real projects with it yet but did a number of test runs and I am pretty pleased with it so far. It just clamps to your work bench when you are using it. It cost about $60.00, $35 for a 5 x 5 sheet of 3/4 baltic birch (most of which is left over) and $20.00 in hardware. I had the clamps for holding you work piece already so I saved some there. Instead of me explaining its use, I have posted Phillip's YouTube video. His plans are $9.95
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  2. I think you'll be surprised at how fast they go together! There's so many similar parts that you can batch a bunch of them out at a time and then it's just a matter of assembly. This is also a dual edged sword! Any mistakes are replicated to each one but, the "fix" is also replicated to each one.
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  3. Here is the layout. Shouldn’t be to bad as nothing is wall to wall. Hoping to start on it soon before the weather gets to nice around here. Not sure on when the remodelers are going to start as well. I did tell the client that it will probably take me around 2 months to get it put together.
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  4. Yeah Im not a huge fan of it but dont mind them as much as you guys! I think it will be a fun project (i say that now) just concerned about the room that it is going to take up. Mentioned to the wife that the boat might be sleeping in her garage, which would mean that she has to park outside. With the below 0 temps that we have had for the last couple weeks she's not to excited about the idea. I think my biggest fear is making sure they all fit. Would hate to have to go back and redo something. I'll upload the layout of them when I get home tonight.
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